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While trying to learn about some stuff about my car, found this site very useful which has alot of how to videos for your car. It helps you to know your car better and things to work when it gets repaired. Just driving alone is not supposed to be your selection, when it gets stuck at some place, you need to know what caused it. So learning and fixing things by yourself will always help anytime.

CarCareKiosk is a simple website that focus on how-to videos for your car that are high-quality, concise and free. You can take better care of your car only if you knew a little bit about it. Car Care Kiosk with its simple user interface any one can learn more about their vehicle using their free videos.

Using the website is so simple. All you need to do is, just hit the web page and use their search box to find out videos related to your car. You can enter your car name with the model number and year. Or else you can use their ‘Search car from a list’ option and select year, make and model.

Once you’ve done with your car name, model etc. Below you can see three big tabs with Maintenance & Repair which has a list of categories and the videos. All the videos and categories are listed to your specific car and you can select one from them to watch the video.

It really helps you to learn right from changing oil, checking air filter, brake fluid, transmission fluid, tyres, steering, etc. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just click the link below and it helps you to send them a feedback or suggestion.

The next two tabs ‘Monthly Checks’ and ‘Roadside Emergency’. The monthly checks displays a list of items that you need to check with your car for smooth running and performance. Monthly spending a 15 minutes on your car will help you to prevent upto 70% of highway breakdowns.

The Roadside emergency will help you to guide with videos when you face any sudden repair in your car. This tab displays list of videos that every car owner should know to help themselves when they face some issues on the road such as funny noise, leaking fluid, flat tyre etc.

If you’re really willing to contribute some car videos, then you can use their upload tab to record your car videos. The team will review them and publish it on their website. If you still find difficult to fix issues on your car after watching videos, you can use their Mechanic tab to find mechanics near your location. Just enter your zip code and distance within and it throws a list of mechanics available near your area.

Car Care Kiosk

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