Create Facebook Timeline Movie with Timeline Movie Maker


Facebook team has launched a new cool tool that allows you to create a movie from your Facebook timeline. Yes, Facebook timeline feature is an awesome stuff where it lets you to dig the past easily with its rolling type interface categorized in years & months. So with this interface, you can view your Facebook timeline as a movie. You don’t have to add images or content. It grabs everything from your Facebook profile and creates a movie itself. Adding all your memories and making a video out of it.

Timeline Movie maker is a simple web app from Facebook that allows you to create a Facebook timeline movie using its own movie maker tool. You don’t have to add, edit stuff. It automatically grabs everything such as status, news feeds, photos tagged, photo albums uploaded and mixes all your nostalgic memories and brings you an awesome movie.

You need to simply grant the app permission to access personal data from profiles and it brings you a one minute movie featuring highlights from your profile. Why is Timeline Movie Maker asking for these permissions? From Timeline Movie Maker: Timeline Movie Maker needs to access your posts to populate your timeline movie with photos and stories.

Once you grant access, the app loads all the content, image stuff and creates a video. Once the movie is initially viewed for one time, it displays options to edit and replace images, videos etc.

You have options to change the sound track such as Nostalgic, Cinematic, Romantic, Playful. Also you can replace images from your tagged or albums. Once everything is done, click the ‘Remake your movie’ button to generate the new movie of your Facebook timeline.

Timeline Movie Maker

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    Cool… Literally awesome… Loved it to the core… but instead of sharing the link over the wall they should replace cover pic with cover movie.

  2. Pankaj C. says:

    Its an amazing web app.. and i agree with suraj that it would be really cool if we could replace our cover pic by the movie..

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