Create Bald Head Photo using Make Me Bald App


There are alot of Android camera effects app and this one lets you to make an bald image effect to a photo using an android app called Make me bald app. It lets you to make a man go bald ie; you can create a picture of bald man using this android app. You can easily make shaved head photos in android using make me bald app for android.

Make me bald android app lets you to make a man go bald in few seconds. You can snap a photo and shave head photo using your finger as a razor to shave bald. Apart from that, you can add funny mustache to photos.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can upload the photo from facebook, image gallery or you can take the photo right away using the camera. Once the photo is uploaded, select the markers on your face to shave it using the app. Once the markers are set on the face, hit the next button.

Now the photo is selected and fit inside the frame. You got options to add mustache, undo from bald to get hair and also switch off the razor sound. There is a monkey image on the top, when you click it you can adjust the markers on the face.

Features of Make me bald app :

* Make portrait photos bald, add funny mustaches
* Import photos easily from your photo gallery, camera or from Facebook
* Post to facebook, share via email, or send via MMS, Whatsapp or any other sharing app on your phone.

I just tried the app and to say, not so impressive as I thought first. It just gets the image blurred and not actually shaves the head completely. Anyway, you try it with your photos.

Make me bald android app

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