Create a Tumblr Post With Your Facebook Status Msg


How many of you knew about a service called Ifttt that puts the internet to work for you by creatng tasks that fits simple structure : “if this then that” (ifttt). Sometimes when using social networks or any internet web applications, you could think, if you were able to define any task as: when something happens (this) then do something else (that) which will be more productive for us and when looking it to take it forward, you need application developer or some programmers help to bring the product. Here is a service which has been created to make online life easier, to engineer it so it makes more sense for you.

ifttt is basically a simple task creator with online apps. Example : If a photo is uploaded to Flickr (THIS) then a link to it will also be sent out as a tweet (THAT). So when you put a trigger (THIS) together with an action (THAT) you get a completed task.

ifttt lets you to create your own task and also you can use tasks which are created by others. There are thousands of useful tasks ( out there to be checked. Today we are going to see one useful task ‘If (this) Facebook (then) Tumblr (that)’ – which means if you post a new status message on Facebook, then create a text post on your tumblr blog. Facebook to Tumblr in a simple task that posts all you facebook status updates as blog post in your tumblr blog.

Steps to follow :

1. Create an account, signup with Ifttt.

2. Login to ifttt.

3. This is the link of the recipe (Facebook to Tumblr)

4. Now what’s missing ? You need to link your Facebook account and Tumblr blog account.

5. Authorize Facebook & Tumblr using the link on the recipe page.

6. Now you have authorized, now set up few things such as when you post a status msg on facebook, how you wanted it to appear on your tumblr blog.

7. The title of the tumblr blog should be your Facebook name/status msg/date of the status update. Similary, the body of the blog post and tags of the blog post. So setup the things and call it for action.

8. Select ‘Create Task’. Now the task is activated. From now, when ever you update your Facebook status msg, a simple text blog post will be created on your tumblr blog.

9. Tasks will be checked once every 15 mins, you can turn the task off or delete it anytime.

10. The above screenshot is a sample proof for the testing which I have done. It works perfectly.

Similarly if you want to create a WordPress post with your facebook status, then check out this recipe link.

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  1. Abhishek says:

    What happens when I post a link or image in facebook?

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