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Before HTML 5, normally videos are converted into AVI format or MP4 format to upload it online and share it with friends, etc. Now after the launch of HTML 5 videos have great advantages. The browser support for HTML 5 videos are evolving into rapid pace, but how about converting the videos right in your PC from other video formats into a HTML 5 video format ? The videos which are seen on the internet quite few years back are flash videos, but latest trend is HTML 5 videos which is more advanced and renders properly on mobile devices and modern browsers.

If you’re a video content producer, then you should turn your videos into a HTML 5 video format for easy integrating and styling factor. It gives more control over the video and the player used on web. It makes the video very fast, adding to it HTML 5 videos can be well designed with CS3 style tags etc. Now how to convert your video file formats into a HTML 5 video format ?

Sothink Media has launched its Sothink Video Converter 3.5 which has option to convert video files into HTML 5 video formats. HTML5 Video Converter helps to convert almost all videos to HTML5-friendly video formats (OGG Theora, MP4 and Webm). It generates universal embedded codes and thus you can easily embed HTML5 video to websites. Also allows you to convert video to three HTML5 video formats with one click.

HTML5 Video Converter directly generates universal HTML5 embeded code for web integration. Embed these codes into websites, and all visitors can smoothly enjoy your videos. Apart from the HTML 5 video format, you can convert videos into AVI, MP4, FLV, ASF, WMV, MKV, MOV, MPEG, H.264, RM, 3GP, M2TS, MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, CD/VCD/SVCD/DVD etc. Supports video conversion to mobile devices such as iPhone, blackberry, iPad, Android, Windows phone 7 etc.

Sothink HTML 5 Video converter supports batch conversion where you can convert set of videos at a time and various compression solution, codec and produces High quality videos. So these are the major features of the new Sothink HTML 5 video converter. Let’s check out the installation and usage options of the new video converter that can convert videos into HTML 5 video formats.

1. Download and Install Sothink HTML 5 Video Converter.

2. Now add video files using the add files button.

3. On the Encoding profile option, Select HTML 5 Video all ( that converts all types of HTML 5 video formats in one click. Mp4, ogg and webm formats ).

4. Once you’ve selected, you can set video dimensions, zoom mode, video quality, audio quality.

5. On the advanced tab, you can configure bit rate, video output details, frame rate etc.

6. Select the destination output folder.

7. HTML 5 Video converter has two options.

a) Web Tasks b) Trim.

Web tasks allows you to convert a video into your favorite HTML 5 format and upload them automatically to your YouTube account once the conversion is finished. All you need to do is, just go to options > web accounts > select YouTube > enter username and password and click OK.

When converting vidoes, add video files which you need to convert, select the web task and hit the conversion button. So it converts the videos into selected format and uploads them to YouTube.

So if you use this option wisely, all your videos will be uploaded to YouTube automatically in HTML 5 format.

The trim option is to trim out the unwanted portion from the video. You can use this option from Edit > Trim. Select the specific portion using the slider and trim it out.

8. Now hit the convert button to convert your videos.

9. Once the conversion is done, the folder will open and you can find the converted video into HTML 5 format along with a easy to embed video HTML file. Yes, along with the converted video file format, there is a HTML file produced which has the video embeded. So, you can upload the HTML file on your website which has HTML 5 converted video embedded.

10. That’s it. You’re done.

Try Sothink HTML 5 Video Converter now !

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