Control Email Notifications of All Popular Social Websites


Did you remember about the blog post which we covered earlier about deleting all your social media accounts from a single website ? Yes, we had covered this useful website which helps you to delete all your social media accounts such as twitter, facebook, myspace etc from a single website. The website will have direct links to disable, delete your social media accounts. Similarly today we have a useful website that has direct links to control email notifications of all popular social networking sites and web services.

Sometimes when you have profile in more than 3 social media services, your email account will be flooded with notification emails and other unwanted emails. How to clutter free from all these email notifications ? Here is a simple website that allows you to control notifications of all popular web services. You can reset the email notifications easily at one click.

Notification control is a simple website that has most popular web services such as twitter, facebook, tumblr, youtube, foursquare, linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Ebay, Path, Stumbleupon etc. So each of the web service has email notification in their own style. You need atleast few seconds to find out exactly where the email notification system located.

Now with the help of Notification control, you get to access the direct link to control all email notifications with single click. The site doesn’t asks you to login with any information. If already you’ve logged into specific services on your web browser, clicking the link will directly help you to control your email notification.

Notification Control

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  1. Nimsrules says:

    This is going to be a life saver. Even I’ve been facing problems to regulate email notifications.

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