Comindware Tracker, Workflow Management Software Review


Previously we had told you about Comindware, web based online project tracking, task management & collaboration tool that brings in more control over the business workflow process. You can completely read about Comindware Tracker and Task Management tool here. On the date of previous article, they haven’t launched the software to general public, now they have launched it and you can try it out for your business workflow automation. You can download and try Comindware Tracker and task management tool. The Comindware Tracker, 30-day trial version is fully functional and supports any number of users. Comindware task management software is completely free. Overall Comindware helps you to connect with tasks and assignees for more efficient execution of the work processes.

So what does the Comindware task management do? Comindware Tracker can visually design the workflow process, streamline issues and automatically connects the tasks and assignees together to get the work done more efficiently and easily. With integrated Comindware task management software helps you to separate the work into various parts and assign them to your team and track the workflow effectively. You can share files between the team members and its complete collaborative software for business. You can get into discussions with your team and stay productive working. You no longer need a process expert or programming help to automate workflow processes and streamline execution, collaboration, and management around.

Just visit the to find out more details about their software. Here we explain about the installation, features and how to use the comindware task management software to improve the workflow automation. Once you download the software and the key will be sent to your email after you log in at The email will contain the product key to Comindware Tracker and task management. Both Comindware Tracker and Comindware Task Management products have single installation file.

So what kind of businesses should use Comindware Tracker and Comindware task management software ? If you’re dealing with business related to IT help desk, software development, human resources, office management, then Comindware Tracker provides each work space with an environment ready to use workflow process management templates, forms, dashboards and more. Comindware Tracker simplifies the workflow with its visually designed planning templates and workflow automation process. It can organize and manage tasks, sub-tasks, and projects and automatically generate next-step tasks at each process step. You can collaborate via centralized discussions, file sharing.

While installing & configuring the Comindware web based project management tool, you need to enter the admin name, password and email to perform admin tasks on the software. As it is a web based tool, you install the process and point the software in your browser to open and use it.

I installed it on my local PC, so the default localhost for the tracker was 8081. Every time when I need to open the comindware software, I need to point the browser to localhost:8081. If I install it on the server, then other users will connect to the tracker with my other settings.

Once you’ve opened & logged into Comindware, you need to activate the licenses for it to work in full-fledged. For activating the licenses, Enter your product key in Administration > License Manager. Assign a user to the product key. You need to activate both the product (Comindware Tracker & Comindware task management tool)

After activating the license keys, now the product is ready to use. Create a collaborative own work environment by hitting the Create a workspace. Only by creating a work space you can design the workflow process and then with integrated task management software you can bring down the tasks and assignees together and get the work done effectively and the Comindware will make the whole process without any hassle.

To create a work space, you need to be a Comindware Administrator. The workspace will contain its own tasks groups and item groups which are created. You can create your own work space or you can use readymade work space templates for particular business. This requires no effort from the user side. It has readymade work space templates for many business such as human resources, IT help desk etc.

If you don’t want any of the readymade work space templates, then you can get your own work space templates by creating a blank new work space and then customizing it to your needs. The pre-designed workspace includes preconfigured workflows, web forms, and item groups for your business. You can pick your work space from the pre-designed workspace templates.

Check out how to select your pre-defined work space template : Go to workspaces > workspace template > choose pre-defined workspace template > enter description of new workspace template > Add users to new workspace template and finally save.

As told above, workspace environment will contain the templates and you will need to customize a workflow, i.e. assign people responsible for each workflow step. While configuring the template, you can add fields that will contain information you want to be present in an item. You can select a new field or take it from predefined fields. Then, you need to create a form that will display all the item data’s.

Finally your template should hold the workflows. Create a workflow scheme; set default assignees for each workflow step specify transition rules. To create a form layout and to create workflow process you can check out Comindware knowledge base which has all the tutorials and guides together with screenshots.

So if your business has multiple tasks and groups, then they need to be organized. A group contains group of similar tasks and items and should belong to a workspace. At selecting the group tab, you can find easily to create a new group and assign a workspace to which it belongs. You can add group members, viewers, and contributors to it.

Now finally once everything is set, create a task. Go to My desktop > New > choose task type that you want to create > fill the fields and click save.

The dashboard will help you to keep things organized. It holds set of widgets which are customizable. You can create your personal dashboards which will be saved in my desktop area. By default each user has its own personal My Dashboard. By default My Dashboard includes a widget showing user’s active tasks filtered by status in the pie chart. You can display the user status in other formats such as bar chart, column chart etc. To add a widget to the my desktop area, simply press add widget button and select the widget type. You can configure the widget settings and save it.

While creating tasks, you can create a personal task, sub tasks and set out the task priority and status such as not started the task, task in progress, declined etc. Also the priority in high, medium and low level. As a administrator, you can assign task to the members in your workspace. The person who receives the task can decline the task, accept the task, or assign the task to someone else. If they decline the task, it is returned to you. If they accept the task, they become the task assignee. If they assign the task to someone else, the new person becomes the task assignee.

One of the most important features is, tracking the time spent on the task assigned. You can easily track the time which is spent. Time tracking ensures that your business tasks remain accurate. Time tracking is important for measuring labour productivity, and allows it to be improved it where necessary. To track time, select the task hit the Time spent tab and click the log button. You can specify the amount of time you spent on the task with comments.

When talking about the workflow management, Comindware Tracker allows you to create and modify item Workflows in both graphical and table formats. Both views share all the same capabilities with the only difference being the visual representation of the Workflow.

You can modify an existing Workflow by simply using the same tool set you used for creating it. Check out this guide on creating and managing a workflow for a process.

For more details on Comindware installation, setup and usage guide, check out their knowledge base which has lot of chapters dealing with comindware Tracker and task management with easy guide.

Just try out Comindware Tracker and Task Management software for free now!

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