Change Windows 7 Folder Color with Color Folder Software


To differentiate folders in your Windows PC, coloring folders is a nice idea. Usually you can change or customize the folder icon to quickly recognize the folder when you’re searching for it. Instead of it, with this tiny app you can colorize folders in Windows Xp, Vista and Win7. Change windows folder color with folder colorizer free software.

If you have got folders with similar names which sometimes confusing when looking for that folder, colorize folder will help you to assign a unique color to each folder. Using the free tiny app is so easy. Once you download, install it.

When you have installed, you can test it out just by right clicking any folder and you can see the Colorize option on the right click context menu.

Now you need to select any of the color to the folder and you get colorize window opened asking for the emial ID to activate the license. Enter you email ID and your software is activated. Now you can enjoy colorizing the folders.

You can just right click any folder and assign a color. By default, it has got some 7 to 8 colors. If you want to add some more colors, Go to Start > all programs > colorize > open the tool.

You can assign a new color and add it to the list. If you want to it revert back to original color, then use the option ‘Restore original color’ and you get it back.

Seems to be useless ? No way, you get used to it and very much useful if you’re dealing with codes and project that has so many versions, You can colorize the new version for quick use.

Download Folder Colorizer

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