Change Google Image Search by Drawing a Picture


Google has improved the image search engine alot. Previously only based on keywords you can search for a image, now you can upload a image yourself and search for similar images and also they have added so many filtering options such as you can search image based on size, color, type of images (face, photo, clipart) and also can filter images based on posted time (latest by 24 hours, one week, one month etc). Today we have got a unique tool where you can search for image by drawing a picture.

The unofficial Google image search by drawing a picture allows you to draw a picture or paint on the screen and use the image to search for similar images. Simply hit the website, select the paint brush site , choose the color and start drawing.

You can adjust the brush size by moving the slider. Once you’ve done with the drawing, hit the search button. Apart from drawing, you can also drag and drop an image from your computer into the drawing area. wait a second and draw something on the picture. Click on the “Search by Drawing” button.

The app supports direct image search from your web cam. Connect your webcam, take a picture and use it on the Google image search. Once the search happens on Google Images, you can add keywords to better the chances of finding the right picture.

This tool is very much helpful when you want to search for a product or brand, but you don’t know or remember the name of the product, but you remember its logo or symbol. Just draw it and search on Google.

Google Image Search by Drawing

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  1. Nimsrules says:

    I’ve been using TinyEye since it’s inception regarding image specific search but it lacks this feature. Nice share!

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