Cam to Scan Convert Documents Taken in Mobile Camera into Scanned Documents


There are many tools to convert scan documents into text or scan documents into PDF. Today we are going to check out a digital document software that allows you to convert a photographed document in a mobile phone camera or digicam into a look alike scanned documents. When you capture a document through a mobile phone camera, it appears to be so small and cannot be able to read it when you display it on the computer screen. But when you scan the document using a professional scanner, it looks so readable.

How to convert the photographed document to look like scanned one ? Here is a simple tool that allows you to turn a camera pictured document into a scan look like doc for free. The picture scanner app named ‘Cam to Scan’ automatically detects the outline of an object and makes it look like a scan with only a few mouse clicks.

Cam to Scan is a tiny tool to cut, crop, brightness the photo copied documents to look like scans. Cam to scan can process large amount of documents which are photographed and it can make it look like scans.

Before processing the document with Cam to Scan, here are few tips how you should photograph your documents before you process them in Cam to Scan to look like scanned documents. You should take the document paper photographed in a contrast background.

The background should be as uniform as possible, avoid strongly patterned backgrounds like e.g. heavily veined wood. Avoid extreme distortions. The item should fill the photograph as far as possible. Photograph the item in such as way that you can see all of it (i.e. its entire outline) on the photo. Don’t take with blurring, shaking, noise or under exposure shots.

With a minium of 3 megapixel, the photo would good look when it is processed in Cam to Scan. Now once you’ve taken the photo. Download and install Cam to Scan. Upload your documented picture and with cam to scan there are 5 options.

The options are to set the outline, brighten, straighten, save and quit. A typical Cam to Scan workflow starts with opening the image, defining the outline, straightening, optimizing the brightness and finally saving the result. Make sure you use the options as it is ordered.

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