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Computer Privacy and Security is very important. Sometimes when you want to browse the internet anonymous, you can always prefer Incognito mode in Chrome or Private browsing feature in Firefox that doesn’t store internet cache files or browsing history. If you want to delete the previous recorded internet information from the computer, then you can always try out free internet privacy software that protects your internet activity, delete internet cache, secure ip address, and gives you complete online privacy protection.

Free Internet Privacy Software Privacy Guardian which is considered one of the best privacy eraser is giving away the Privacy guardian pro which is worth 20$ for free. You can get the Privacy Guardian pro software for free using their promotional page.

Before we get into the features of Privacy Guardian pro, let me tell you how to get the license key for Privacy guardian pro Internet privacy software.

Go to the Privacy Guardian promotional offer page.

Enter first, last name and Email address.

Hit submit.

You get the license key information to your email address.

Now download the Privacy Guardian pro from the link

While installing, enter the license key information and click the register button. It will get registered.

The license key is valid for one whole year.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian pro is a internet privacy software that helps you to keep your computer use safe and anonymous. You can erase all your searches, internet activities before some body traces it. Even if you delete your files from recycle bin, they can easily trace it. But, using softwares like this will help you to completely erase it. It securely deletes online Internet tracks and program activity records that are stored in your browser and other hidden files on your computer.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed (read it as registered), the Privacy guardian pro version has 5 main features. It clears the Windows history, browsing history, third party software traces, bleach disks and shred files.

Talking about clearing Windows history, first of all this software works on Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. It clears all the history data retained by Windows. As I told earlier, even if you delete from recycle bin, some data is still retained by windows which can be traced. So this option can delete all the traces which are retained by Windows. Data’s such as document history, find and search history, scan disk temporary, clipboard components, recycle bin etc.

Browser history can be cleared with one click. All your internet browsing history, cache, cookies, address bar suggestions, auto complete form data, downloaded program files etc. It also cleans the plugins which are supported.

It bleaches the free disk space. Bleaching the free disk space will remove all the traces of previously deleted files from the disks. Shredding files and folders helps us to permanently delete files that cannot be recovered by any recovery software.

So get use of this awesome software which is worth 20$. Have privacy internet surfing.

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