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By default the Android smartphone does not have the call recording option so we need to look out for third party android call record app from the android market. Today we have compiled the list of best android call recorder apps and to be noted that these apps support only specific android devices and not all devices. Some may be good for android 2.2 call recorder and some device may support voice recorder for android etc.

Our requirement is a simple android call recorder with some basic options like recording time limit, voice clarity and exporting options into mp3 file etc. Let’s check out some list of android app to record calls.

Android Record My Call

Record my call android app can record all incoming and outgoing calls from your android phone. As due to some limitation on the hardware/software side, this app can record calls only when put on loudspeaker. That is, it can record calls from microphone. You need to turn on your loudspeaker if you’re recording the incoming or outgoing voice calls. Also when turning on the loudspeaker, you get clear voice from the other side to record it.

As already told, the app works great only on some android phones. Do you want to check the phone compatibilty list ? go here. Great app and doesn’t force close. All recorded files are saved to SD card.

All Call Recorder Android

Android all call recorder app is a simple and efficient call recorder for android. It records all the incoming and outgoing calls and saves it in 3gp format. You can send them via bluetooth, email etc.

Total Recall Call Recorder Android

Total recall call recorder for android is one of the popular call recorders for android smartphone. Compatible Call Recorder that can record calls on not only Android, but also Nokia S60, Symbian, Meego & Windows devices.

It fully supports Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100 & T989 variants). Once you’ve installed the app, it displays the 5 step recording wizard that helps you to understand easily. You can record your calls automatically or manually. Also you can specify which contact numbers to record. Supports both incoming and outgoing.

Has a widget for quick recording voice notes, perfect for lectures, meetings and classes. Supports audio formats such as AMR, WAV, Mp4 and 3GP.

Automatic Call Recorder Android

Android automatic call recorder app is a light weight app which silently records all the calls to auto_call_recorder directory on your SD card. Works on the Samsung galaxy S, tested it.

Call Recorder Lite Android

This is the free version of Call recorder pro that restricts you to record only upto 10 calls. Download Call recorder lite for android

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  1. Sudharsan says:

    all call recorder is not working in htc Wildfire S*

    *not supported for other party voice. :(

  2. Suraj Nair says:

    None for android 2.1? And do they make beep sound in between the call?

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