Best Android Flashlight App : Tiny Flashlight + LED


Another cute little app for your android devices. In my opinion, its a must have app. Not just for fun, but useful sometimes when you’re stuck at dark places. The moment when the power goes off, we tend to switch on the mobile and check out with the mobile display light. So at times like that, this app comes handy. LED flashlight android app is one of the best flashlight app for android.

Tiny Flashlight + LED app for android is like owning a mini torch light on your hand. If you miss the flash led light on your Nokia 1100, then here is something equal to it for your android phones. The app is so simple to use and produces brightest light with your device camera LED Flash as a torch.

Let me give you a overall idea about this Tiny flashlight +LED app. Its like a torch light for your android device. It primarly uses your camera LED flash as torch and displays a bright light. If your android device doesn’t have a flash light behind the phone, then it acts as a screen light which displays bright light on your front display screen.

The screen light is basically white screen light, which is bright enough for daily use. You can use it as your primary flashlight option in case your device doesn’t have a camera led or you want to save the battery.

The screen light has differnet options (read as widgets) such as warning lights, traffic lights, police lights, strobe light, etc. You can change the brightness and color for various lights.

When you install the app from the android market, open it. You get to see a small button on the center of the screen. Hit the button, a white screen light is emitted. Then when you go back, you can find a small button on the screen top right corner – when you click it, you get to see various options of screen lights as mentioned above – police light, warning light, strobe light etc.

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