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First you should know ‘What is astigmatism?’ A defect in the eye or in a lens caused by a deviation from spherical curvature, which results in distorted images, as light rays are prevented from meeting at a common focus. Now the simple meaning is, an inability of the lens to focus properly. Normally called bad vision. When people working with computer screens for a long time normally affect with eye problems. You can test or check how good is your vision through online eye test. A simple online eyesight check will give you a rough idea.

Here is a free online service that allows you to do eyesight test online or astigmatism test where you can test your vision online for free. As said, it gives you a rough idea and not any accurate results. After the free online eyesight test you need to consult the doctor eye specialist to show accurate results and the treatment.

How To Test Eyesight Online

First lets check out how to do eye test online before we check out astigmatism test online. This is completely a online vision acuity test or a regular eye test. This online test works on 15inch. 17inch and 19 inches monitor.

Go to this link ‘The Online Eye Exam’

Make sure you have flash player plugin installed for it to work.

Also instructions to note down before you take the test online. Not to squint your eye, sit back at a distance and start taking the test online.

When you no longer able to read the letter, hit the stop button.

Now this exam is only meant to give you an idea of where your eye power lands. Scroll down in the site and take the test.

Select your monitor size, screen resolution and move back. Keep yourself away 3 feet from the red dot shown on the screen.

You will come across an online Snellen chart with alphabets size decreasing with each time you click “next” button.

At some point of time, if you’re not able to read the letter, hit the stop button. It gives you a score ‘Rx with a comment’.

Astigmatism Test Online

Now astigmatism test online, before that you should know what are the symptoms of astigmatism. Normally a blurry vision or distorted vision (objects may appear stretched) are some symptoms of astigmatism. A simple online test will let you know whether you’re affected by astigmatism or not.

Go this link ‘Astigmatism test online’ and see the image below. If the some areas of the image appear lighter or blurrier than other areas, you may have astigmatism.

The best treatment for astigmatism is Glasses and contacts will improve astigmatism to near perfection.

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