Android Currency Converter Onada App


Today we are going to see currency converter app for android. Previously we had told you about the XE currency converter app for Windows Phone 7, this time we have got a similar kind of app for android devices. We could say it is one of the best android currency converter available on the market.

Onada Currency converter for android is the perfect app for simple conversions. Easy to use, fast, clean UI. If you travel, I recommend this app. Fast and quick to use. Any one can use the app and the rate they choose to convert the currency are upto market rates.

It works offline too. Doesn’t need an internet connection. You can convert the currency between any two countries. It can convert more than 190+ currencies.

You can choose the Interbank rate, or use the percentage add-on feature to calculate typical rates charged by credit card companies and banks.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can select the country, currency and also choose the interbank rate. You can also select the ATM rate, credit card rate etc.

The converted currency change can be shared via bluetooth, email, facebook etc.

Download Onada Currency Converter for Android

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