Volume Control Software For Windows 7


With the in-built voice control software on Windows 7, you can reduce sound coming from a specific program. Normally in previous versions of Windows, you get to adjust the sound with only one control and it applies to every applications. On Windows 7, you can control sounds of various apps and clients individually.

If you thought for some applications it would be nice to reduce sound or mute sound entirely, then here is a simple trick to adjust the volume for specific applications in Windows 7. Open Windows 7, find out the speaker icon in your taskbar, double click the speaker icon from the lower right corner.

Now click the mixer link and you will see the all the running applications with sound. You can adjust the sound sliders for applications that you want to mute it or reduce the volume. Keeping the base of main volume level, you can reduce or maximize it for applications.

thanks for the tip @mintywhite

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