Visual HTML Editor for Linux


We had told you enough about source code editors top best ones around the web, also web based free php code editor for chrome and a real time HTML editor online with instant preview of your code. Today we have got a similar online editor that does HTML editor, CSS auto code generator etc.

XEO CSS is a HTML, CSS code generator that allows you to easily get the codes with few clicks. It’s a web based styling tool for designers who are new to the field. You can play in detail without no coding knowledge.

You can create, code HTML file and provides with an option to load classes from the HTML, ID’s from html, load elements name from HTML and more. Gives you an ultimate experience with live preview mode and with free signup you can save how many ever files and also provides resume,code setup when ever you want. You can also have multiple HTML files for a CSS with clean css code, class and ID selectors, css3 gradient generator and more.

With its unique CSS editor you can play with background, typography, dimensions, layouts, transforms, borders and transitions. When you play with XEO CSS, make sure you save your codes often when you make changes.

When you open the CSS editor at first, it loads with a default HTML template and CSS code included. All the classes in the file and displayed on the left side panel. You can add/remove classes by hitting the plus, minus signs above it.


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