Turn Digital Photos in to Polaroids


You can Polaroid your photo with this simple polaroid creator. You can easily Polaroid photos online, make a picture into a polaroid. The Polaroid brand of cameras and the peculiarity of the colors is always amazing. Very much popular in the arts, gone are the days started with Polaroid instant camera, then the film etc. Beside the playful side of these cameras, the specific photo rendering effect makes you go crazy. To solve, here is a free software called Polaroid that brings back craziness to nostalgic fans.

Pola, the original polaroid like photos maker will turn your picture into real ‘Polaroid’. It’s completely a cross platform app that supports Linux, Mac and Windows. Supports image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF files. All you need to do is, just simple drag and drop the image into the polaroid interface or polaroid camera.

Simply drag and drop your photos in Pola, which will offer to the pan and then processes it takes to render desired. Indeed, the software is not limited to the color cartridge “PX 680” standard, but offers in addition the “Polaroid 100 CHOCO,” the “Polaroid 100 Blue” or the equivalent of a “Black Frame” to So black border.

Apart from it, lets you add shadow or a custom message. You can also change the polaroid effect (with the Catridge selection function) and the images which are processed into Polaroid are saved automatically in the destination output folder which you’ve selected.

Download Pola-Roid

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