Sync Android to PC via WiFi [Android Manager Agent]


Few days back tried a free software that allows you to sync your android phone and PC over WiFi connection easily. It worked flawlessly and helped me to backup all my android files, folders to my PC and sync them over WiFi connection. The process was pretty quick and fast.

Android WiFi Sync Manager is a free software that can synchronize data from your Android phone with your PC via wifi, whether the contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, applications, etc. Everything is transfered and sync over WiFi, 100% cable free and all android phone models are supported.

When you need to take a backup or sync/copy some files, images from your android phone to PC, then searching data cable at the moment is so frustrating and also you need to connect cable and pc everytime. But transferring everything over WiFi is a bliss. Backup everything such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, music , applications, files etc with a single tap.

All you need to install is two free apps. One app on your desktop computer and another app on your android phone. First install the Android WiFi Sync manager on your computer. Then go to your android mobile, search for ‘Android Sync Manager Agent’ on the app market and download, install it on your android handset.

If you find it difficult, then you can go to this link directly from your android browser to download the apk file. ( or using a barcode scanner app, you can scan the below barcode image to download the app on your android mobile phone.

Once you’ve downloaded the app on your android handset, Go to Settings > Applications, and enable Unknown sources. (this setting allows you to install apps from non-market resources)

Now locate the downloaded apk file, install the Android sync manager agent app on your android hanset. Once you’ve installed, open the file. A welcome msg will be displayed and click on Next, get into Android Sync Manager Settings page, and complete configurations required for WiFi connection.

With this agent installed on your android phone, you can easily sync manage and backup mobile contents between handset and pc such as contacts, calendar events, messages, photos, videos and music files etc.

Here is the configuration that you need to apply on the settings page.

Step 1 : On the android hanset, once you’ve installed the androidsync manager app, following settings are required for secure wifi connection.

PIN Code : This pin code which you enter here on your handset is entered on both PC and handset app to establish a connection, so that you can sync the files easily between phone and PC. PIN code can be anything that you are easy to remember. Numbers such as 12345 etc. Because, this same PIN code you need to enter into the desktop application for establishing the connection.

Idle Timeout : To save battery, idle timeout is set for a period of time waited before Wifi is turned off. This setting is used to turn off WiFi connection automatically after program has been idle for a while, for the sake of power saving.

With these two settings done, your android sync manager agent is up and running.

Now open the Android Sync manager app on your desktop computer. Go to Settings > Connection on the top and enter the PIN code and click Ok. Now check your mobile app that says connected.

Now the desktop android sync manager app connects with your android mobile handset. You can click on the information on the left side of desktop app to find whether correct mobile information it displays. It will display your mobile name, model number, android version, storage info etc.

Now you can click the Sync button to sync files between your android mobile and desktop PC. That’s it. Enable AutoSync, so when ever you connect your android mobile to PC, it auto syncs easily.

If you want to download any file from mobile to desktop, browse through the app interface for the file/photo in your mobile and right click to download to pc.

How to Connect Android to PC via WiFi

For Step by Step installation and Usage guide, Watch the video below :

To use Android Sync Manager WiFi, both of your Android handset and PC must be connected to the same WiFi access point.

Download Android Sync Manager

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