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Similar to, a service that lets you to setup personal web page or splash pages which are very simple and visually elegant that points to other social sites. So, similar to today we have a beautiful free service that allows us to create simple personal web page in minutes. is a simple free service that allows you to create a personal web page with all the social elements linked to a single page. It’s not a like a blog where you can frequently update random rants, but its more like a portfolio kind of personal page with all your social elements such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, blog profile links displayed.

With you can customize the page with patterns, textures, fonts & colors, organize your links and social network profiles. Let’s check out the steps that you need to create a successful personal web page using

To start with, simple enter your email ID and desired username. The username which you select will append the url So select it carefully. Once you’re done with it, now enter your name, bio and upload your display picture.

Now you can select patterns, background image, fonts, text, etc. You can customize your personal page in three different modes. The standard mode, the .me mode and the +5 mode. You can also add analytics, twitter, instaground, mangator. If you want to add blog URL’s you can add them using links option.

Apart from linking social accounts, you can add upto 5 pages in your account. Check out the demo video below to understand better :

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