Send Automated Phone Calls To Your Mom When You Checkin Foursquare


By the title you could have got it. We had discussed alot of Foursquare related apps that helps you in planning a road trip, that helps you in finding free WiFi points etc. Now this app which uses Foursquare is quite a new and out of box thinking. If you ever want to let you mom know that you’re at some place (for example : home, office, etc), whether you want her to know that you’ve reached the place safely, then with a simple foursquare checkin you can let her know.

What does this app do ? When you checkin Foursquare with a hashtag #mom, this app calls or text your mom and says that your son/daughter has reached this place with a custom message. If you’re a mother and very concerned about where your children all the time, then you can easily monitor your children and find out where they are.

As a son/daughter who uses Foursquare to checkin, all you need to do is, just authorize the app with your foursquare account and on every checkin or which ever checkin you would like to let you rmom knows about it, you can add a #mom hashtag to it. So that the apps recognizes it and makes an automated call or send a text message to your mom.

Foursquare quoted in a funny way ” This is a wonderful idea because it addresses every mother’s greatest fear in a way that’s convenient and easy for us to integrate into something we’re doing anyway. Now I just need a HashtagWife service that sends my wife a text that says “I’m at the grocery store, do we need anything? ”


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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    Now that’s really useful. My mom always ask me to ring her when I venture out which I always forgot. This would save me

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