Organize Photo Albums in Android based on Calendar Dates with Photo Calendar


You may have hundreds and thousands of images in your smartphone. Organizing them is a big head ache, with android‘s default photo organizer isn’t effective to arrange photo albums in data/month/year wise. So here is an excellent app called Photo Calendar – Smart viewer that does the job without any hassle.

Photo Calendar Smart viewer from is a beautiful tiny app for android handsets to organize the photo album based on date, month, year or calendar wise. The interface is so smooth and your photos are arranged in tiny small square boxes looks cute.

Just download this app and run it, then you can see your photos sorted by the date that photo taken. You will love it. Once you’ve installed the app, open it. It has three tabs named Albums/Month/Calendar.

The album tab displays all the photos in your phone will be sorted by date. You can see your photostream by the date that the photos taken.

The month tab displays all the photos in your phone sorted by month. Easy way to look back on your past photos based on month.

The calendar tab is a cute innovative method to display your photos in a calendar style. In a calendar style, all the dates are displayed and specific photo is displayed on particular date when it is taken.

Very neat and Simple to use app.

Download Photo Calendar for Android

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    really good app which serves our memory right, as we hardly remember about the date when some clicks were captured.

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