Optimize Windows 7 for Netbooks with Mz 7 Optimizer


Few days back we told you about the Toolwiz care, a full performance tool for Windows XP, Vista users. Today we have another free tool to optimize Windows 7 PC, netbooks etc. Like any other version of Windows, Windows 7 also requires an regular optimization to keep up the performance so that your netbook don’t gets slow or hanged when working on multiple items. A regular check up is always a good thing to do.

These optimization process from time to time for the RAM to optimze overall performance of all components and increase the response rate in activities. There are many tools around the web which will cost you $$ and after you buy it may not live up to your standard. At the same time, there are many free tools that works awesome but not known to many people because of no marketing/advertising stuff. Today we have a good free PC optimization tool that has lot of in-built tools for a complete optimization performance on Windows PC.

Mz 7 Optimizer is a complete system optimization freeware suite for Windows 7 OS. With Mz 7 Optimizer your computer will be faster, more stable and more secure. Like any other optimization tool, this also has a lot of in-built tools to play with performance tweaks, Windows tweaks, Internet repair, Customization, hard disk defrag, registry repair, security tools, CPU optimizer, RAM optimization, PC cleaner, Startup program ultility, power manager for netbooks and laptops etc.

Some of the key features that Mz 7 Optimizer does are – It can boosts PC performance, Speed up games with its Mz Game accelerator, Tweak and personalize Windows by doing some core tweaks, startup and shutdown tweaks etc. It can also increase system security by playing around UAC control center, network security etc. It has smart memory & processor management, Increase network performance and download speeds, Optimize & backup your registry, Remove unused and temporary files from your system with a clean up utility, Configure Windows startup and services, Manage power plans for laptops/netbooks and Schedule shutdowns.

You can also use these in-built tools in seperate using the start menu > mz 7 optimizer > utilities. Here you can find out the list of tools that Mz 7 optimizer has. It can fine tune your Windows 7 PC.

It works with Windows 7 (32&64 bit) and I personally tried it on Windows XP and Vista. It works flawlessly.

Download Mz 7 Optimizer

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