Mp3 Compressing Software to Compress a Audio File


To save some space on your Mp3 player, there are free tools to compress mp3 files that reduce bitrate mp3 without losing the quality of the sound. Today we have a free software to compress mp3 songs in order to save some disk space and fit more music on your Mp3 player. It compress the mp3 file size while maintaining desired level of audio quality and keeping all the ID3 tags intact.

Mp3 Quality Modifier is a simple free program that allows you to reduce the mp3 file size without losing the quality of mp3 sound also maintaining the ID3 tags and other information intact. It just reduces the file size inorder to save some disk space and fit in more songs on your mp3 player.

How to Compress a Audio File?

With its easy user interface, the mp3 quality modifier freeware needs you only to drag and drop the Mp3 file. Not only mp3, it also supports mp1 and mp2 files. Once you’ve drag and dropped files into the panel, set up the preset which ranges from high quality to low quality for portable devices. You can also play with some advanced configuration such as bitrate, sample frequency and stereo modus etc.

You don’t need to worry about the title, tags and other file information. Everything reminds the same and the output mp3 files are rendered within minutes. You can see the difference between the original and rendered file size as the panel displays.

Download Mp3 Quality Modifier

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