How to Send Pictures in Facebook Chat


Recently read an article on Techcrunch about a small trick that allows you to send pictures as smiley’s to your facebook friends on Facebook chat. You can send any profile picture, fan page display pictures from facebook as smiley’s to your friends over chat. Following are the steps to try out.

To send a picture as smiley over Facebook chat, all you need to know is just the Facebook ID of a profile or page, so that when you insert the ID with double closed square brackets in the Facebook chat, it turns the image (display image of profile or page) into a small smiley.

The profile or page isn’t must that it should have the ID, it works with usernames too. Suppose, if your facebook username is, then in facebook chat window, type [[dangerdiabolick]] and send it to your friend. It will send them the display picture of the profile as a small smiley.

You can use both the username as well the facebook ID which can be found after profile.php?id=12232434 – so the numbers are Facebook ID which you need to enter in the facebook chat with double closed square brackets.

Suppose if you want to get Madrasgeek facebook display picture in facebook chat as smiley, then you need to enter [[madrasgeek]] in your chat window and hit enter.

If you want to have more fun, there is a facebook chat pic generator which allows you to type words and corresponding codes will be generated. So you can copy paste those codes in your facebook chat window to get the wordings as image smiley in your chat.

This trick will only work when using chatting on, it will not work on any of the mobile Facebook apps. Also make sure, using too much of these will annoy your friends ;-)

Facebook smiley generator

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  1. Mohd Akbar says:

    Hi brother, I got great tips here, to send smiley Pictures on my face book. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article.

  2. Suraj Nair says:

    The first person to use such tricks in my circle. Glad to show off something new to my friends. :-) Thanks for sharing the info.

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