How To Put YouTube Videos on Loop ?


Here is a simple extension that lets you to repeat Youtube videos automatically in a loop. Are you looking for a YouTube repeater that keeps on play Youtube videos on repeat mode ? Then here you go. Before we check out the chrome extension, here are some useful links below :

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Best YouTube Chrome Extensions

YouTurn is a simple chrome extension that will repeat YouTube videos forever till the end of time. The extension repeats YouTube videos automatically. Just click the grey circle on the right corner in the address bar while watching a YouTube video – the circle turns green indicating ‘Automatic Repeat’ is ON.

You can switch off automatic repeat by, clicking the green circle. So simple to use and very much useful if you’re playing some of your favorite tracks on a loop mode.

There are two options to listen, if you want to listen to a set of songs, then you can use playlist on YouTube that automatically shifts songs after it gets over. If you want to listen same song on repeat mode, then use this extension.

Download Youturn for Chrome

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