How To Make a Video Playlist Online


We have told you about many web services that lets you to create music playlist from YouTube videos and normally its not always easy to choose the music you want to play at a party or social gathering. With lot of favorite artists and their albums, you get confused to play the best ones. Also the free web services which offers you to create a playlist and play songs are somewhere limited with their free service – either they cut by advertising or they limit the number of songs to listen. Here is a web service that allows you to play videos back to back unlimited to make you to wild.

Tubalr is a simple app that helps you in playing HQ videos back to back with a neat playlist of your choice. It makes searching YouTube for your favorite artists/bands simple and quick. The ad free interface makes it more appealing than other similar services on the web.

To start with, All you need to do is just type a band’s or artist’s name into the search box and select only or similar. The ‘only’ option deals with videos related to the artist or band you choose, if you select ‘Similar’ option, it provides you with the list of videos similar to your favorite artist or band. Cool isn’t it ?

So, Tubalr allows you to use YouTube with out any clutter and easy user interface lets you to play music videos continuously, favorite them easily. (To fav music videos, you need to signup, have an account, it;’s free).

If you’re confused about which music to listen, the ‘Genres’ cateogry on Tubalr displays a list of genres music you can choose from. The list of genres and the music is collected from

Tubalr – Similar services :, Playinurtubez

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