How to Convert bookmarklet to Chrome extension


There are many online tutorials to create custom chrome web app where you can create a chrome web app from a bookmark page. Suppose if you have a bookmarked facebook home page, then you can easily create a custom chrome web app that shows the facebook homepage. Now, here is a quick tool that helps you with creating a chrome extension from a Bookmarklet.

Wondering what is a bookmarklet ? It’s a small javascript applet that you drag and drop on your browser’s bookmarks bar. With the one click functionality it performs certain actions on the web page which you’re currently visiting. So, before we check out how to convert bookmarklet into Chrome extensions, you must check out these links below.

Google Translate Bookmarklet

Marklets – Internet’s Largest Bookmarklet Database

Combine multiple bookmarklet into One

So why would one want to create a extension instead of using the bookmarklet directly from the bookmark bar ? Why not just using bookmarklet as is? Because, Some people hate having a bookmarks bar visible or just want to make more space for other things. You can also get extra exposure through the chrome web store. It’s not a lot, but every bit matters.

How to Create Chrome Extension using Bookmarklet ?

Go to this link Bookmarklet to Extension

Enter a clever name and description for your chrome extension. If you’re looking out for Bookmarklets, you can browse the Marklets database which has lot of bookmarklets. Infact, its a bookmarklet search engine.

Here is an example : Suppose if you want to download videos from a webpage such as YouTube, Google video, daily motion, facebook, megavideo,, etc. Here is a bookmarklet called ‘PwnYouTube‘ from

This PwnYouTube bookmarklet allows you to download videos from the webpage directly using one click. All you need to do is, just drag and drop the bookmarklet into your browser bookmark bar. Once you’re viewing the video, you can click the bookmarklet and it will show you the options to download the video file in HQ flv format etc.

Now we are going to convert the PwnYoutube bookmarklet into a chrome extension using this tool. Now you need to go to PwnYouTube bookmarklet page in and drag and drop the bookmarklet into this tool text area.

Drag the bookmarklet into the textarea.

Hit “Generate” button.

Once you’ve hit the generate button, it downloads a zip file to your computer.

Unzip downloaded file.

Go to extensions settings ( chrome://settings/extensions ) or Tools > Extensions

Tick “Developer mode” (top right).

Click “Load unpacked extension…” and select unzipped folder (bookmarklet2extension folder name)

Job done! Your new extension is loaded (black dot beside your address bar)

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