How to Bookmark All Opened Tabs on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer


When reading or researching on the internet, you tend to open as many resources possible in new tabs and when you want to stop for the day and continue it after sometime, you cannot be leaving the browser open all the day, its more easy to bookmark the page and come later for the read. So, how do you bookmark all the opened tabs. It’s so hard to bookmark each and every tab one by one, here is a quick way to bookmark all the opened tabs on Chrome, Firefox or IE.

To bookmark all the opened tabs on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or IE – all you need to do is, just right click on any of the opened tab and find the option “Bookmark all tabs”. Just click it and it will bookmark all the opened tabs. You can also use shortcut key ‘Ctrl+Shift+D’ on chrome.

Similar way to bookmark all opened tabs on Firefox is to hit the shortcut key ‘Ctrl+Shift+D’ or right click on any of the tab and use the option ‘Bookmark all tabs’ on Firefox. When it comes to Internet Explorer, you need to click the View favorites icon and select Add favorites from the drop down menu and hit ‘Add current tabs to favorites’, that’s it.

The shortcut key for bookmarking all tabs in Internet Explorer is use “Alt+Z” and click ‘add current tabs to favorites’.

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  1. Vernessa says:

    I wonder why the shortcut [CTRL + SHIFT + D] no longer works in Firefox? But thanks for the tip on right-clicking ON the tab. I hadn’t figured that one out!

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