Get Warning Message in Chrome Before Closing Multiple Tabs Like in Firefox


In Firefox, when you’re working with multiple tabs before closing it gives you a warning message like do you want to close with mutiple tabs and you have options either to leave the page or stay back. But in Chrome by default you don’t have the option. When you hit the close button, it closes at once with all the working tabs. (You can restore back, but it doesn’t matter).

With the help of third party extensions on Google chrome, you can get a warning message like in Firefox before you hit the close buttn when working with multiple tabs.

Window Close Protector is a simple chrome extension that show a warning dialog when closing a window containing multiple tabs. It helps protect against accidentally closing multiple tabs.

Whenever the browser tries to close a tab that is not currently visible, for example when closing a window containing multiple tabs, or when quitting the browser, it will prompt for confirmation. You can still close specific tabs or windows that contain only a single tab as usual without getting a warning.

Download Window Close Protector for Chrome

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    Must needed extension on chrome. It will really saves us from dooming.

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