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The first thing when you lend your mobile to your friend or colleague is the risk that your text messages are read and every body has that feel inside. There are many free sms lock softwares, sms app for symbian available for nokia as application for symbian phones or apps for s60 3rd. But rarely these sms lock softwares are available for android smartphones. Today we have got a sms locker for android, it does the job very well as active sms lock. Before these SMS guard or sms lock softwares, only way to solve this is by removing all the sms from your inbox, now you can easily lock it with an application as SMS locker.

SMS Locker is a simple android app that lock away all messages from specified private numbers. This app hides these private conversations and also provides you an option to reply to the private messages. All these messages are password protected.

Once you’ve installed SMS locker by elevate from the market, it displays the password screen at first to set your password. Passwords can be anything combined with both numbers and alphabets. Want to know how to create a strong secure password ? Here are some 15 tips to create strong passwords.

Now once you’ve set your password, You will see the compose message panel where you can send private messages to the numbers and also press the menu button to get the settings. In the settings, you can change your app password, add private numbers and also check your private number list. Click add private numbers option to add all your private numbers.

Once added, you can compose the message, send to those private numbers and also the messages received from the private numbers are not displayed in your default sms inbox.

Download SMS locker

Another one similar to SMS locker is Secret SMS app for android that allows you to encrypt/hide all or some of your SMS messages so others won’t be able to read them. With secret sms app you can hide all your sms with password protection and also encrypt your SMS.

The message you turn “secret” will show as scrambled/encrypted/coded letters in your inbox, but will remain visible to you only from within the application screen. Undoing it is as easy as 1 click.

Download Secret SMS app for android

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