Free Online Video Editing App, Alternative to Jaycut


Jaycut is one of the best online video editor along with the Jumpcut, Motionbox etc which allows you to edit videos and share it on YouTube. Editing videos isn’t so tough. From the raw video footage, editing brings you options to cut, trim certain video portions, add sound effects, change color tones and so on. We already told you about the built-in YouTube video editor which provides you similar options, but after Jaycut’s shutdown, ‘WeVideo’ seems to be the best online video editing app. You don’t have to download and install anything on your computer. You can edit your videos directly in the web browser.

Wevideo is a simple online video editor where you can edit and share your videos. You may even work together with others. Yes, it provides collaborative video editing similar to a working with documents. Wevideo is a collaborative online video creation tool.

It’s so easy to get started. It is completely free. The free options provides you with 1GB storage space where you can upload your media components upto 1GB. Also all the videos are rendered in 360p resolution with watermark. If you want your videos to be higher resolution, then you need to go for paid plans. The free plan offers 15 export minutes per month and you can export to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and twitter.

With the free plan, you can invite upto 5 persons per project. As it is a collaborative video editing tool, you can invite upto 5 persons per project. Along with it, it has 390 licensed music titles for background music for videos.

It is easy to get started. Once you sign up with the free account, login to dashboard. On the dashboard you can see three tabs. Project tab, Media files and Account. On the project tab is where you can upload and organize your videos and projects.

On the media tab, where you can upload and organize media components such as videos, audio sounds and images. Account tab is for profile edits, social sharing options etc.

How to Use Online Video Editor WeVideo

1. Select the Media tab and click import media files and upload your media files such as video and audio files. Video for editing and audio for background music.

2. Go to the Project tab, Click New project and give a name.

3. After that, give project properties and start editing.

4. Click Create new video and the editor will be launched.

5. Once editing is done, you can find your videos under ‘Project videos’.

6. You can export the edited video to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.

You have lot of effects, graphic images, animations, transitions to add in the videos. Make sure you spend more time with it to get better from it. You can add background audios to your videos and also export it.

WeVideo Online Video Editor

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