Facebook Timeline Cover Designer iPhone app


With the new Facebook Timeline feature, the special thing is the Timeline cover where you can showcase a beautiful picture at the top of your Facebook profile. In related to this, we had already told you a website that has the best facebook timeline cover photos and also talked about Facebook Timeline cover picture generator that helps you to create your own photos for timeline cover. Today we are going to see a simple free iPhone app that allows you to create Facebook timeline cover photos.

Facebook Cover Designer iPhone app helps you to create your own Facebook timeline cover photos for free from your iPhone. The speciality of this app is, unlike other apps you don’t get the cover pic and display picture separate.

What am trying to convey here is, when you add a cover pic to your facebook profile, the cover pic and your display picture which is shown as a small square box will blend together as single picture. It allows you to mix your profile image within the timeline cover for an added photo effect. Look out below pic for better understanding.

Facebook cover designer app gives you the unique and professional design for your profile. Utilizing professional filters, give your page a unique design that fits perfectly within the cover’s landscape mode.

You can select the photos for timeline cover from your gallery, facebook, picasa, flickr, photobucket or Instagram. You can zoom, crop, add filters, make shift & tilt effect and publish directly to your facebook profile.

Facebook Cover Designer iPhone app

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  1. kayley says:

    heyy umm u should try this its pretty cool

  2. Don Draper says:

    Think this can be used with premium facbook covers like the ones at http://www.premiumtimelinecovers.com ?

  3. Melissa says:

    my itouch broke :( is there a way we can do this without an itouch or iphone?

  4. Giggantic says:

    This is awesome! thanks for the info, man! will dowload it on iTunes asap!

  5. Najalle says:

    I would love to try this, but its not in the Australian iTunes store :(

  6. Marian says:

    I like your covers, not all but mostly are pretty and if want see other sweet cover i recommend ,
    http://www.facebookcovers.info, it’s a site like your that i recommend , i hope don’t demand you.

  7. moran says:


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