Disable Windows Apple iTunes, QuickTime Software Updates


If you’ve installed iTunes or Quick time or any apple related software in your Windows PC, then the Apple Software update checks weekly by default and displays a popup notification windows and sometimes you get irritated most because, you rarely use the iTunes/quick software (except to sync your iPod). If you’re one among people who gets annoyed by these apple software updates, then here is a quick way to disable the update notification window.

This simple trick will let you to hide/disable or remove the Apple software update notification window. You can stop from seeing the updates you don’t want. Now let’s check out how to disable the software update panel.

Go to Apple software update and open it. It can be found in your Start > All programs > Apple software update. Now if you’ve installed apple softwares, then it will get listed such as Quick time, iTunes etc. Now select the updates which you don’t want to see.

Once you’ve selected the updates, Go to Tools > Ignore Selected updates. Now all your selected updates are disabled. Close down the apple software update window.

Simple isn’t it ? The next time it runs an update, you get a small popup display that shows option to reset ignored updates or not. You can choose from it.

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