Disable, Remove Google+ Personalized Search Results from Google Results Page


Recently Google has rolled out a new search results algorithm that includes ‘Search, plus Your World’ which adds results from your Google+ stream. This can be both useful and irritating at times. Instead of showing most wanted web urls and search results, it displays results which includes social stream from your friends and Google+ circles. Not going to talk more about Search, plus Your World. If you want, you can read it from official Google blog.

So, here is a quick way to disable, delete all the personalized search results that displays all the relevant results from your Google+ stream. How to stop displaying it ? When you search for a query and the results are displayed, you can see a gear icon on the results page.

Now you’re under the search results settings. Now you can see personal results tab. Under which select the option ‘Donot use personal results’ and click save.

By doing this, you have simply turned off the Google+ recommendation results in your search results page.

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    I’m not able to find personal results tab under the search result settings. Any idea, why?

  2. Nope. Gone. Google removed this option. Now what?

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