Delete, Clear Google Search History on Android


On your Android smartphone, just open the Google search, you get all the previous search entries as suggestions or it displays your search query history. If you want to delete the Google search history from your android smartphone, it is so easy.

Make sure you’ve the Google search app from android market. Not a problem because these days all the devices has this app by default that helps you in quick search. So, just enter into Google search app. You can also directly hit the search key on your android phone.

Now the Google search box is open, you get to see all the search history (previous search queries as suggestions). Which ever keyword you want to delete, just hold the keyword for a long press and you get then a option to delete the keyword from the search history.

You can just click the delete option to delete the search keyword from the search history. You don’t have to login to your Google account to delete the search history of your android phone. By tapping it from your android device, you can delete it.

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    There are also some third party apps, which helps you to clear your cache and search history. Once click and all delete.

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