Dailymotion Video Uploader : Upload Bulk Videos to Dailymotion


Dailymotion is another video sharing website which is one of the popular video sites on the web next to YouTube. With dailymotion you can upload and share your videos publicly, or privately with family and friends. Similar like YouTube you can comment, rate it, favorite videos, create playlist, embed on websites, create group based on your interests. The web interface on Dailymotion doesn’t allow you to upload videos in bulk. Also it has certain limitations. So, here is Dailymotion bulk video uploader.

Dailymotion Mass Uploader is a software that allows you to upload multiple videos simultaneously on Dailymotion without having to visit the site of the video sharing platform.

If you’ve already regsitered on dailymotion, then no problem. Download the mass uploader, login with details and start uploading the videos. If not, create a free account, download the mass uploader, start uploading videos.

Once you’ve downloaded, it’s an adobe air based application, so just make sure you have adobe air installed on your PC. Now double click the downloaded file and you can see the interface with ‘Add video’ button at bottom. Click it, browse and add the video.

You can select multiple videos at the time and it will be in queue. The video will start uploading to the server, at the mean time you can fill in the details such as video title, channel category, tags, description, etc. You can also enter the record date, privacy options, allow comments etc.

It supports on multiple operating system and has the Pause and resume your uploads functionality. As I have already mentioned, it is an adobe air app. If you don’t have adobe air installed in your system, then don’t worry. It automatically installs adobe air before it installs on your system.

You don’t have to worry if your system shuts down or restarts when its uploading videos. It will continue where they last left off after you restart the Uploader.

Download Dailymotion Mass Uploader

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