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Organizing applications in Windows is a easy task if you know what to do exactly. Keeping alot of shortcuts on the desktop will look horrible, rather you can use applications (windows desktop organizer) such as fences etc. Today we have similar freeware that neatly arranges applications on desktop Windows PC. You can customize it the way you need. If you’re a regular computer user, you must have some favorite programs that you use in day to day. Usually they are browsers, audio/video players, tweet client, instant messengers, if you’re a webmaster/coder then developing tools etc. So organizing these tools on your desktop to make it handy for quick use is what Coolbarz does.

Coolbarz provides you with desktop toolbars for quick and easy access to your most commonly used programs. With it, everything is just a single click away. If you’re using Windows 7, then you can pin applications on the taskbar, but how many applications will you pin it ? Also you have only one task bar at the bottom. But, with Coolbarz you can pin applications on any or all sides of the screen.

It provides you a taskbar kind of interface on all the 4 sides of the screen (top, bottom, right and left). You can add apps and pin them to it. You can customize it to suit your functional and visual needs. It adds fading and transparency effects too.

Coolbarz is completely a standalone tool and doesn’t require any installation. Just download, extract it and double click the coolbarz app to use it. The settings panel provides you with the options to enable the taskbar interface on sides and position settings. You can give different colors for the coolbarz which appears on the sides of screen.

Once you’re done with the settings, just move the mouse hover to the sides of the screen, you could see the coolbarz appearing. Just right click the bar and you can find the options to add the app shortcut etc. You can add any applications by entering the name, browsing through the shortcut to add it to coolbarz.

When shortcuts are added to a coolbar, the button will point to the shortcut file itself as well as parse its target information. Once you’ve added your shortcuts you can usually remove them from your computer and Coolbarz will execute the target path directly.

That’s it. Nothing difficult to work with the freeware. It is a easy tool and will be useful for people who work with many apps in their day to day activities. Also helps you to keep your desktop clutter free with app shortcuts icons.

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