Create, Upload Animated Moving Gifs Image from Videos on Android


GIF images are always fun. On the past we had told you Online GIF Maker and Animated GIF Image Generator, adding to it we had also talked about how to convert YouTube video into a GIF image. Now you can convert a video into a GIF image from your android phone. Yes, you can create a GIF image from your android videos.

GIFDroid is a free video to GIF converter. You can easily select a particular portion from a video interval, make it into frames, select the frames, add it together and preview as a GIF image. You can convert videos on the fly or select previously created videos.

Once you’ve installed the GIFdroid from the android market. Open it, you could see three options. 1) Select video 2) Record video 3)View created Gif’s

Now if you want to create a Gif image from already recorded video, just open the gallery and select the video file, else record a new video at the moment.

Now the recorded video will take to the next step where you need to choose a video interval. While choosing the video interval, you can check out the GIF preferences such as selecting the FPS (frames per second, Delay time in GIF image, Width & height of the GIF)

The next step, the selected video interval is into different frame sets. Select the frames from the video you would like to use. Make sure you reduce the size of the animation. based on your phone’s cpu, memory it will warn you with the messages.

Once you’ve selected the frames from the video, add it totally and tap it to create a GIF image. You can preview and share the GIF image, choose another one or delete the existing one. Very much useful app for creating fun pictures on the web from your android smartphone.

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