Create Auto blog with Tumblr by Adding Rss Feeds to Tumblr Rss app


Tumblr is a great resource to create an auto blog that fetches posts from various other web blogs and posts more than 100 items per day. Recently tumblr has stopped importing Rss feeds from other blogs, but with the help of third party web apps you can easily import Rss feeds into tumblr blogs. Today we are going to check out an app that does the work for you.

Tumblr RSS app allows you to fetch the feed from different websites and post them on your tumblr blog. Tumblr RSS updates feeds once every hour and has a limit of 100 posts per account, per day. If you change the tumblr url, this setup will won’t work.

Here are step by step instructions to get started with. All you need to do is, just have your tumblr blog and give permission to Tumblr Rss to access your tumblr blog. Get into Tumblr Rss website and hit the login button on your right side. Grant access to your tumblr blog.

Now click the Get started button and enter your email address. Now you can start entering feed URL’s. Just add the feed URL’s and select the tumblr blog to which it has to be posted and also you can select the post type (full text or only links) and finally submit.

At the moment, it exactly fetches the post as in like RSS feed and publishes them on Tumblr. It doesn’t have support for post tags, categories etc. Also you can select only text or links. No photos etc. Sometime formatting may cause an issue in Tumblr.

Tumblr RSS app

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  1. I have a Small doubt, i have a blog at tumblr, is it possible to post the feeds from facebook page?

  2. Suraj Nair says:

    Just text and links would not be very useful, as images are the vital part of the blogs. the app doesn’t support images and also formatting would be an issue. It would be only useful if we think something is better than nothing.

  3. Tumblr Rss is no longer working. Is there an alternative?

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