Copy Windows Error Message Text with GetWindowText


When ever you encounter error message in Windows PC, you can easily get a solution when you copy paste the error message on Google. The problem here is, if the error message contains some codes/keywords, you cannot be typing them manually by looking it everytime. Also by default the Windows doesn’t allow you to copy paste the error message. So here is a third party free program that lets you to copy Windows error message text to clipboard.

You can easily capture text from error Window with a free app called ‘Get Window Text’. The free app doesn’t need anything to install in your system. It works portable. Just download, double click and use it to copy error message to text.

Once you open the GetWindowText application, Click the icon with the left mouse button, press and hold down the icon over the window from which the text should be read.

This program supports also directory trees (SysTreeView32) and list views (SysListView32) to read the entire contents. When you release the mouse button, the reading will be finished.

So now you can get the error message copied into a text, it helps you in finding out the solution easily. With the copied text, can now be put into a Google or any other search engine to get the error solved. You can easily get solutions by yourself, troubleshoot computer issues with ease.

Download Get Window Text

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    Small freeware but effective enough to save your precious time.

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