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We had told you about how to create flash photo slideshow tutorial and many online slideshow creator that allows you to creaet simple slideshow. Wondering what is image slide show ? If you have used flickr, there is an option in flickr to display your images as flickr photo slideshow. Displaying photos as cool slideshow is visually effective. Photo slideshows are created for wedding photo slideshow with songs, banner slideshow of your vacation or relaxing photos slideshow can be easily created with this desktop freeware called Bolide Free Slideshow Creator.

Bolide Free Slideshow Creator is a freeware for creating a video slideshow from photos, by adding transition effects and music (in the format MP3) and exports in all video formats AVI, MKV to WMV or FullHD resolution.

It does the job very simple. Tried it for fun, finally loved it so much. The easy user interface allows you to make more slideshow videos easily. Just 3 steps. Add all your photos, Select a background music for your slideshow. Now go the transition effect tab and select the transition effects between photos. Everything works just drag and drop.

You can add everything first to the internal library. Just add the photos to the internal library and from it drag and drop the one you need.

Then, drag the selected photos to the story board in the bottom of the main window. The same way you can transfer the sound files and transition effects to the story board.

Check the desired video file resolution and click on “Make Video” button to save your slideshow. That’s it! You can setup the slide duration, zoom in effects, video out put resolution pixels, and finally hit the Make video button.

Bolide Slideshow creator is just like ABC. Once you click the make video button, select the output video format and give the title for your video and click ok.

Now with the output video slideshow, you can upload it on YouTube, dailymotion etc and share it with your friends. I have just tried out a demo of this freeware. Check out the video below. (8 seconds only).

Just added few photos, a background music and some transition effects between photos.

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