Convert Grayscale Black and White Photos to Color with InstantPhotoColor


Previously we had discussed alot of coloring, photo editing tools such as remove background from an image, pixbuilder photo retouching tools, virtual photographer editing software for Windows and also turning photos into partial black and white image.

Now today, we going to see how to turn black and white image into color photos. Yes, you can paint the black and white image into a color photo with Instant Photo Color for Windows and Mac OSX.

InstantPhotoColor is a simple tool for coloring black and white photos or changing the photo color. Basically, it helps you converting a black and white or grayscale photo into color one.

It can also help in changing some parts of the color photo, for example changing the eyes color. The usage is very straightforward – you select the brush color and paint on top of the photo.

The program fills the area under with the selected color and preserves the texture, so the part of the photo look like it was colored. If you want to change color on some part of the photo, just paint with the new color on top of the previous.

When you paint with this brush, the image underneath is colorized with the specified tint. The lightness of the image is preserved, so shapes and textures on the picture are kept.

This also works with color photo – you can use the program for changing the eyes color for example. All you need to do is just use the color selection button – lets you select the brush color. Adjust the brush size slider. Zoom In and Out buttons to get clear picture to paint.

Use the File->Open and File->Save As menu commands for file opening/saving. That’s it. So simple.

Download Instant Photo Color for Windows
Download Instant Photo Color for Mac

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    Wow Nice tool …Especially Thala Looks Very Smart in dat :)

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