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When we talk about productivity, working without distractions is what we all prefer. But, many times we get distracted by small things such as social networks, IM, internet browsing, emails etc. So there should be a temporary block to all these things before we get our work completed. To block these distractions, today we have a small free software that does the job without any hassle and complete invisible.

If you’re a person that when working on a computer gets distracted and loose time and productivity by playing games, social networking, chat etc ? then there is a tool that can help you : Cold Turkey. It is a free tool or software to filter websites, block application from internet, block certain websites at certain times, block internet access program for a temporary time interval. Once installed, it is not easy to stop or find the application till the time which is set.

The free open source software Cold Turkey describes itself as ” You can temporarily block yourself off of popular social media sites, addicting websites, online games and whatever else you want! ” It can block the websites on computer wide, which will affect all the browsers on your computer. So this ain’t any browser addons that are subjective to that particular browser alone.

Also it provides you the ability to block yourself in intervals of 10 minutes up to a full week. If Cold Turkey detects that its security features are being tampered with (hard to do), it will block you for a week. Also if you have a tech savvy kind of people on the machine, no worries. It can’t be stopped easily as it is not stoppable from the system tray or the task manager.

You can block addicting and time wasting websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, Hotmail/MSN, Wikipedia, Ebay, CollegeHumor, AddictingGames, Reddit, FailBlog, StumbleUpon and more. Once you’ve installed, check the option sites which you want to block. By default they suggest you time wasting social networking sites, games sites and there is a custom tab where you can enter the website URL if any. Also you can mention till what time you need to block those websites. Specify the date and time interval.

You must try Cold Turkey. Download it here. [Direct link]

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