Buy New, Used Cars, Find Car Reviews Online with Android apps


When looking out to buy some used cars, just bumped into some android apps that helps you to check out some used cars, new cars online via your android smartphone. Here we are going to discuss about some of the best car apps for android.

Edmunds :

Edmunds android app allows you to check out used cars, pricing, you can trade in with a private seller or dealer. You can negotiate with them. The app displays the listings with photos, specs, pricing details. It displays the listings based on your location for accurate regional pricing. Not only that, it also includes the dealers, incentives and more.

So at first time you install the app, it asks for your location. You can enter your location zip code, set distance that you’re looking for etc. The interface is so simple and any one can use it. It has two tabs (new / used cars). Select the tab and start entering the options such as make/model no, vehicle type, price range, feature, location etc.

Loved the smooth scrolling in options. When you select a car type or price range, the smooth rolling is super. Now, when you have set all the options, it will display the results. It shows the number of matches according to your query.

If you click the model, it shows all the details of the car with photos. Pricing details, specifications, model year etc. When you click the inventory details, it will show you the inventory list, dealer list, map view etc.

Kelly Blue Book :

Kbb android app helps you with the information you need to simplify the car-buying process. You can view Kelley Blue Book editorial reviews and find a local dealer easily. We have in detail review about Kbb android app here. Check out! You can download kbb app from android market.

Auto Trader app

Auto trader android app is also one of the best car apps for android that helps you with buying/selling used, new cars from your android device. It has new, used, certified cars near your location with detail information about the dealer including phone number, email address etc.

You can scan the VIN barcode of a car you like to search for similar cars near you and also if you have an auto trader account (you can signup for free) that lets you to save your searches for later use through mobile or computer desktop.

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    Is this app only for US or does it support any other country?

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