Best Way to Use Reddit on Windows Phone 7 : InstantReddit WP7 app


Reddit is not a new social media forum or simple bookmarking service which allows users to share their interested web pages for other people to see, comment upon. It’s been around 8 years in the social media industry bringing some best news around the world almost in all categories and one of the major services that lets users engage by voting up/down the content that another user has added to the site.

So If you’re a person who would love to catch upon the latest trends in any of the category right from technolgy trends, gaming, personal development, business, programming, pics, science, videos, movies, entertainments, humor, food and many more.

We had already discussed about the Best Reddit Extension for Google Chrome that lets you to read reddit in a easier way. The reddit companion extension works from the address bar of chrome lets you to submit new links quicky, up/down vote links on reddit and more. If you’re owning a Windows Phone 7 device, here is an excellent app for you.

InstantReddit is an Reddit client for Windows Phone 7. (unofficially). This reddit app for Windows Phone 7 helps you to quickly browse reddit from your WP7 device. With its metro style user interface on Windows Phone 7, browsing reddit, sub reddits, voting up/down, looking out comments on your Windows Phone 7 device is pure bliss.

Instant Reddit supports mango devices (WP7.5 with fast app switching, pinning tiles etc). Apart from mango support, with Instant reddit you can comment on reddit posts, up/down vote, subscribe to subreddits, messages and more.

If you own a WP7 device, Instant Reddit is a must try app.

Instant Reddit for Windows Phone 7

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