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We have already told you about Facebook timeline cover photo creator where you can create your own cover photos. With the new Facebook timeline rolled out to every one, it has a beautiful feature displaying on top of all the profiles where one can show their photos as cover picture. Previous month, I wrote about Facebook cover creator where you can create new cover pic or add existing cover pic from their galleries. Similary today we have a website that consists only of beautiful Facebook timeline cover photos.

When going through some random facebook profiles this morning, I stumbled across this website called that has some beautiful facebook timeline cover pictures where you can add them to your profiles.

As already said, cover pictures are the most exciting features in the new Facebook Timeline Profiles. It is used to represent you and your personality with a big picture you can easily change. The website which I mentioned holds some amazing facebook covers collections.

On homepage you could find many cover pic, but I strongly recommend you to visit two categories. One is Popular Cover pics and another is Random Cover Pics.

On viewing a specific cover image, there are two ways by which you can add that cover picture to your new Facebook timeline profile view. One is just by downloading the image and manually going to your facebook profile and change the cover picture. Another method is using the facebook app and changing the cover image. I suggest you to download the cover picture first to your computer and then add it by going to and changing the cover pic.

If you are creativity enough, then you can also submit your own creative cover images by uploading it to which holds some beautiful collection of Facebook timeline cover photos.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    It never strike me that I can use random pics on my timeline, I used my images and adjust it over the cover page. This site has some nice collections. Thanks.

  2. Charles Darnay says:

    Nice website to get the latest TimeLine Photos.. Thanks for sharing with us..

  3. somnath says:


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