Airbnb Android App for Finding Rentals Online


Airbnb is a leader in finding accommodation around the world. You can find unique rental places at cheap price. If you don’t want to stay at hotels which are too pricey, then Airbnb is a place to look out for, managed by a global network where you can find accommodation offered by locals such as hostels, rented apartments etc. Airbnb comes in hand when you need to stay at big costly cities like new york, SF etc.

Airbnb Android app lets you to book your stay right from your android phone. Before we get into the app, let me tell you how Airbnb works. Its like a crowd source marketplace where people list, discover and book spaces for rental.

The Airbnb app is the easiest way to find and reserve anything from a private apartment to private island right directly from your phone. With Airbnb app for android, you can search for cities to find something in your price range. Next, you can contact the host and book it online through a secure payment system.

Airbnb has unique properties in 19,000+ cities in 192+ countries worldwide. Once you’ve installed the app, you can browse through their listing collections which are featured or you can search based on your criteria.

So when you enter the city name or area name you get the listings with the price details. You have a map tab where you can zoom in to find the places on the map. So based on the mapping direction, you can select the place.

Now selecting a particular stuff, it displays with the photos and price tag. You can directly contact the host or book it online via Airbnb. You get the description, property details etc.

If you’re willing to list your property on Airbnb, you can do this by registering on Airbnb and get to the host tab from your mobile app and list your property with the details.

Download Airbnb Mobile app

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