5 Virtual Hard Disk to Store Files Online


With the rise of latest technology in 2012, increase in cloud storage services there is a choice for general users to store their data in online storage for a very cheap price or for free totally. These online cloud storage can also be called ‘Virtual hard disk’ which means the data is stored on virtualized pools of storage which are generally hosted by third party hosting companies which operates large data centers. So what is the use of storing your data in these virtual hard disks ?

You can access the data from anywhere at anytime. If you own/setup a local hard disk isn’t cost effective, but these online storage virtual hard disks are cost effective and you only pay for what you store. Very much useful for backing up datas.

when you consider the negatives of storing data in virtual hard disk, first comes the Security. Next is performance ( when you compare with local storage access ), third is the reliability and availability. Some of the popular and reliable virtual hard disk/ online storage are Amazon S3, iCloud by Apple, Azure etc. When we talk about free online storage services, here is a list to follow.

These free virtual hard disks to store your files online are very much reliable, secure, high performance and totally free. Let’s check out :

Before checking out the list of free virtual hard disk to store files online, Previously we had told you about similar services to get your files stored in Cloud. Some of the services include SugarSunc, Mozy, Google docs, Open drive etc. Check out the article here.

Dropbox :

Dropbox, as you all know dropbox is one of the finest inventions this century. With the free space of 2GB on free signup, it lets you to add 250MB on every referral signup. You might have heard alot of advantages in using dropbox such as sync files over computers, smartphones etc. Also support for other third party apps for dropbox to give high performance etc.

Here is a dropbox clone that offers its users 10GB free storage for signup and you can expand it up to 16 if you bring some friends.

Skydrive :

Microsoft’s Windows Skydrive offers 25GB of free space. You can upload files, syncs them across computers and smartphones. It also avails mobile app where you can make a backup of files from your mobile phone. You can store docs, photos, create and work together on word, excel, powerpoint slides etc.

Have you heard about the dropbox alternative from Microsoft, the Windows Live Mesh ? Live Mesh provides you with 5GB of online storage space, you get 3GB of more space than dropbox. Apart from basic functionality like dropbox – sync all your files and folders, with Live mesh you can remotely access any file/folder or any program from anywhere.

Live mesh works on Windows, Mac and even through your cellphone. The sharing feature with your friends allows you to find who has joined or who has left the place and also you can chat with the members through inbuilt messenger.

IDrive :

You can store data and also use it as a backup option across PC, Mac and iPhone. Offers 5GB of free space where you can backup unlimited PC’s, Mac’s, iPhone’s / iPad’s and Android smartphones. Apart from free account, it has personal, family and business accounts for the best low prices. You can know more about it here.

Sugarsync :

We have already talked alot about Sugarsync, which is considered one of the best data backup solution. Check out the Best 5 Online Data backup Services which includes Sugarsync too.

hubiC :

A new player enters the game, apart from Dropbox, Sugarsync and all other online storage services, hubiC is provided by a very known company OVH. The hubiC is from france, so translate to english for reading. If you’re using chrome, then it automatically translates.

At the moment, it supports iPhone, Android, Windows and soon it will support mac and linux clients. What’s so special ? It offers 25GB of free storage.

Bonus : Free cloud storage for mobile users from PogoPlug, 5 GB free online space to store files via Mobile.

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