YouTube for Schools : Special Educational Videos on YouTube


With the launch of YouTube for Schools, hopefully your school won’t have to block YouTube anymore. Yay! YouTube for schools is a special channel that brings you power of video to your classrooms for free. You can access thousands of free high quality educational videos on YouTube in a controlled environment. When talking about controlled environment, students will not see in the related videos, any content that does not have to do with the matter.

Right from the science experiments, maths help, learn a foreign language, university lectures, world current events across the globe you can learn it from various teachers. It’s all right from the YouTube EDU. You don’t have any unwanted distractions. No comments, no related videos only the content for the students.

The YouTube EDU has more than 450,000 videos and growing. Teachers can choose from the hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube EDU created by more than 600 partners from leading educators such as Cal, Khan academy, Stanford, Steve Spangler Science and numberphile, PBS, TED etc.

School admins and teachers can log in and watch any video, but students cannot log in and can only watch YouTube EDU videos and videos their school has added. The search is limited to YouTube EDU videos

Teachers can find them listed out at Visit to learn more and sign up today. You can check out this tutorial for detailed information on signup and stuff.

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